14-15 September 2019. EPFL open day. Lausanne, Switzerland

Laboratoire des material semoconducteur  participated in EPFL open-day which is the outreach event celebrating the 50th anniversary of EPFL. It was a great success with around 40,000 visitors during the open day on Saturday and Sunday. INDEED ESR Wonjong Kim was a member of the organising team for the event.

EPFL outreachEPFL poster 2020

23-25 October 2018. Celebrate Science Festival. Durham, UK

Celebrate Science is a “3 fun-packed and fascinating days of free children's events” https://www.dur.ac.uk/celebrate.science/ .

The INDEED team of all 15 ESRs ran a 3-days session themed as “The Amazing World of Nanotechnology”. /images/Outreach/UDUR 2018/UDUR Poster outreach.jpg






Smelly balloons:   even though there are things in nature that we cannot see with our own eyes, we can still feel and sense them, smell them in this particular case.

/images/Outreach/UDUR 2018/UDUR Smelly balloon outreach.jpg

 Optical microscopes:  there are tiny things around us, and they look amazing. For nanotechnology, we use electron microscopes that are much more powerful than optical.

Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM): You can tell what the object is by just touching it. That is how AFM works.

Nanowire Applications: nanowires have already found their applications for the real world: LEDs and a solar cell and more coming.

/images/Outreach/UDUR 2018/UDUR LED outreach.jpg

28 September 2018. Notte Europea dei Ricercatori 2018. Rome, Italy

The European Researcher’s night at Area di Ricerca Tor Vergata (ARTOV), was done in collaboration with ScienzaInsieme and the European ERN-Apulia project, the European project coordinated by the University of Salento, within the Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie actions of Horizon 2020.

Aswathi Sivan participated in the event as a part of the EFSL lab of ISM, CNR at ARTOV. The lab does optical characterisation of materials using various spectroscopic techniques. Hence the demonstrations dealt with the basics of spectroscopy. EFSL also gave brief introductions to different optical phenomena like fluorescence, phosphorescence, etc with hands-on demonstrations. They also gave out do it yourself (DIY) spectroscope models, which enabled the visitor to make a spectroscope using a cardboard box and old CDs. 



15 September 2018. Night of Culture. Lund, Sweden

 The third Saturday in September each year Lund welcomes more than 50,000 people to Kulturnatten where they can enjoy 400 activities at different venues all around Lund City varying from theatre, art and live music, to yoga, science and guided tours. The event is programmed by more than 80 different organisations. Nano-show during the Kulturnatten organised by NanoLund included lectures, demonstrations and lab tours where people learned more about nano science, visited the lab and saw an exhibition about nanotechnology in everyday life.

/images/Outreach/Lund 2018/Kulturnatten_15.09.2018-2 original.JPG

INDEED ESR Egor Leshchenko presents his research during the Night of Culture event. The picture was published on the cover of CrystEngComm journal.

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