Project Academics
 Advanced multifunctional nanowire network devices


ESRRidvan Egrun

Lead Supervisor: Dagou Zeze, Network supervisor: Peter Krogstrup, Industry supervisor: PragmatIC Printing Ltd 

Nanowire application: Fabrication and functional analysis for industrial scale-up 


 ESR: Alejandro Galan

Lead Supervisor: Del Atkinson, Network supervisor: Anna Fontcuberta-i-Morral, Industry supervisor: Peratech Holdco Ltd 

Scaling-up nanowire devices: a systematic approach for testing and operation


ESR Wonjong Kim

Lead Supervisor: Anna Fontcuberta-i-Morral, Network supervisor: Maria Tchenycheva, Industry supervisor: IMINA Technologies

Carrier dynamics in semiconductor nanowires

(CNR Rome)

ESR: Aswathi Sivan

Lead Supervisor: Faustino Martelli, Network supervisorDagou Zeze, Industry supervisor: APE research 

Growth of ordered NW arrays containing magnetic inserts

(CNR  Trieste)

ESR: Timur Nurmamytov

Lead Supervisor: Silvia Rubini, Network supervisor: Bruno Grandidier, Industry supervisor: Thundernil 

 As-grown epitaxial nanowire networks for scaling quantum computing


ESR: Sabbir Ahmed Khan

Lead Supervisor: Peter Krogstrup, Network supervisor: Dagou Zeze, Industry supervisor: Microsoft Station Q 

 Growth of advanced functional heterostructures in III-V nanowires


ESR: Anton Pishchagin

Lead Supervisor: Frank Glas, Network supervisor: Jonas Johansson, Industry supervisor: Riber 

 Charge injection in semiconductor nanowires


ESR: Nemanja Peric

Lead Supervisor: Bruno Grandidier, Network supervisor: Silvia Rubini, Industry supervisor:Horiba Sarl 

Conceptual design of products and technologies based on nano-elements


ESR: Vasilii Kaliteevskii

Lead Supervisor: Leonid Chechurin , Network supervisor: Dagou Zeze, Industry supervisor: General Electric 

Self-assembly of Molecular-based Nanowires


ESR: Pablo Rojas Martinez

Lead Supervisor: Andrew Houlton, Network supervisor: Faustino Martelli, Industry supervisor: Quantum DX 

Thermodynamics for nanostructures formation


ESR: Egor Leshchenko

Lead Supervisor: Jonas Johansson, Network supervisor: Frank Glas, Industry supervisor: Höganäs 

Solar photovoltaics from II-VI nanowire materials


ESR: Manuel Apollo

Lead Supervisor: Ken Durose, Network supervisor: Andrew Houlton, Industry supervisorSemimetrics Ltd 

Flexible nanowire-based light emitter


ESR: Nuño Amador

Lead Supervisor: Maria Tchenycheva, Network supervisor: Ken Durose, Industry supervisor: Digital Surf 

Lasers, sources of single photons and entangled photon pairs based on “quantum dot in nanowire system"


ESR: Innolum ESR

Lead Supervisor: Igor Krestnikov, Network supervisor: Leonid Checurin

Scaling-up nanowire devices:  Design of a robotic platform for the advanced and systematic volume testing of nanowire device


ESR: Michal Smreczak

Lead Supervisor: Benoit Dagon, Network supervisorAnna Fontcuberta-i-Morral

Design of ternary III-V nanowires and heterostructures

 (ITMO, Associated Partner)

Lead Supervisor: Vladimir Dubrovskii

Collective properties of nanowire ensembles

(ITMO, Associated Partner)

Lead Supervisor: Vladimir Dubrovskii