Sabbir Ahmed Khan

/images/ESRs photos/ESR6.png   As-grown epitaxial nanowire networks for scaling quantum computing

    Københavns Universitet

      The main goal of this project is to develop innovative fabrication techniques that can realize new device concepts based on as-grown nanowire networks. The core focus will be on novel device solutions for quantum computation, however a large part of the development will also be useful for other types of as-grown nanowire devices for future technologies within the fields ranging from photovoltaics to bio sensing applications.

The project will explore how bottom up grown nanowire networks can be used to scale quantum circuits. Hence, a notable fraction of the research will be on developing crystal growth methods and later on the evaluating of post processed device fabrication. The crystal growth will be based on state of the art crystal growth in Molecular Beam epitaxy systems. The epitaxially connected nanowire networks should be compatible with epitaxially grown superconducting phases.