Ridvan Ergun

   /images/ESRs photos/ESR1.jpegAdvanced multifunctional nanowire network  devices

   University of Durham



Traditionally, one device performs one unique function. This project will investigate the feasibility devices that can perform multiple functions. In particular, it will focus on the fabrication and characterisation of multi-function devices based on networks of semiconductor nanowires and nanomaterials (NWs) within a host matrix. Understanding the relevance of percolation in random NW networks is essential to correlate the device functions to the physical properties of NW network. Using a sensing membrane platform, the research will investigate how materials may be prepared (evolved) to perform computation, i.e. known as evolution-in-materio. It the core objective is to correlate material physical properties to device performance and to their computational response. This, in turn, will enable the user to select and tune the functions to be performed by the device produced. Process scalability and device integration are equally important to underpin the transition of NWs from laboratory to industry.