Michal Smreczak

/images/ESRs photos/ESR15.png    Scaling-up nanowire devices:  Design of a robotic platform for the advanced and systematic volume testing of nanowire device

   Imina technologies SA


       The pursuit of miniaturization encourages us to continuously research in all fields related to nanotechnologies. The current technology, developed also within the INDEED project, moves us to nanoscale, where our operational capabilities are severely limited. The ability to operate with such small objects is a challenge, but the ways of optimizing these tasks open a wide field for research and development.

Imina Technologies for many years has been working on successfully

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producing robots, capable of operating in microscale, measuring and manipulating such objects. Recently, they have been working extensively on expanding the capabilities of their products, to make the robots work in the nanoscale.

The INDEED project gives me the opportunity to face this task with the example of nanowires used for production of high-performance solar cells. In addition, the project aims to propagate the achieved solutions at the intersection of academic and industrial environments, and thus the results must be well-tested and easy to reimplement.

From the robotics engineer point of view, I evaluate my task as consisting of several minor problems. Each requires the development of a separate solution, preferably universal for use in various applications at this scale. 

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   These problems include:

The expected result of my work will be the construction of a working robotic platform capable of measuring the parameters of the nanowires received within the INDEED project, as well as the design of procedures which will allow to systematize these activities.