ThunderNIL is founded in 2009, and operating in nanotechnologies. THD is registered in Padova (Italy) and has its main operations in Trieste (Italy). Its objective is to exploit the IP of the “Pulsed Nano Imprint Lithography” or  “Pulsed-NIL”, a proprietary ultrafast nanoimprint lithography process, through licensing the technology in different applications and by developing, producing and commercializing equipment, stamps and services. Pulsed-NIL, enables the patterning of 2D &3D micro- & nano- structures onto surfaces and goods for medium and large scales productions. It ensures surface patterning at extreme resolutions (down to the 10-nm scale), in extremely short times (< 1 ms) and on wide surfaces (100 cm2, but scalable to bigger surfaces). This is a disruptive technology transversal to different markets and compatible with mass production at unprecedented throughputs (up to 20’000 pieces per day, and only limited by the speed of the robotic systems handling the substrates or the goods).  THD has begun working directly with its first clients, delivering R&D services that will provide to them an accurate benchmarking of the technology with respect to their specific productions. Based on the current status of the benchmarks, the first orders for equipment are expected during 2016.  The “Pulsed Nano Imprint Lithography”, or Pulsed-NIL, is patented: “A NIL process involves a die with a region able to generate heat”. No EP 1 639 411 B1/US 8, 409, 488 B2, Inventor: Massimo Tormen; Filing date: 23.06.2003.