LUT training and kick-off meeting

8th-12th January 2018, Lappeenranta University of Technology.

 INDEED kick-off meeting 

Introduction to Innovative design methods workshop                       


Introduction to nanotechnology & research methods workshop         


Peter Krogstrup. Introduction to quantum effects in NWs.  

Maria Tchernycheva. Light emitting diodes: from thin films to nanowires. 

Ken Durose. Fundamentals of Transmission electron microscopy. 

Bruno Grandidier. What can we learn from the surface characterization of semiconductor nanowires.

Silvia Rubini. Introduction to electron spectroscopy. 

Andrew Gallant. Advanced fabrication/cleanroom

Vladimir Dubrovskii. Basic concepts of VLS nanowire growth. 

Frank Glas. Heterostructure formation in nanowires.  


Soft skills training session

Del Atkinson. Team working training and exercises. 


Alejandro Galan has been appointed by  ESRs as they representative on Supervisory Board Meetings.